Humanize Yourself

Make the hearts beat

Your most human version

for more effective comunication

…in public speaking, leadership, teams and sales.

Every business is people business

“You are in the people business” – Grant Cardone


Pressure when selling, nerves when speaking in public, striving to please the team, pretending to have good working relationships, manipulation…

…in so many situations, discomfort arises, we put on a mask, and we’ve become accustomed to living with it, as if it were an evil we are condemned to. We turn into machines in the process, but…

In a world invaded by technology and AI,
the human factor MAKES the difference.

Because every business is done between people, every business is a matter of people. In every company, personal relationships are the essence: customer relationships, relationships among colleagues, relationships with suppliers, even family relationships impact the world of work.

If you don’t humanize yourself,

you have an expiration date.

Technology will do your job more efficiently and, therefore, replace you (sooner or later).

Humanize yourself,
because in this world of advancements, your authenticity is your value.

The expiration date comes if you don’t use your humanity, technology advances, but your humanity is irreplaceable.

Make a difference,
be the connection the world needs!

“Michael’s 1 day training event to our Inside Sales B2B team was very useful not only to reinforce Sales Knowledge and motivation, but also to build team Spirit. I would definitely recommend this for any Sales Team.”

Salvador Serra

CPM International

Use Your Humanity

in Your Comunication

Among all art forms, the most ‘human’ art is that of the clown.

His misfortunes elicit laughter and evoke emotions in the audience.

A clown creates useless actions and fails. It doesn’t impress anyone. It’s a specialist in ‘Nothing’… good for… Nothing!

However, not only does it receive the affection of the audience, but it also tends to be the most successful character in the circus.

This is very curious, as, in contrast to other artists who develop skills and techniques that require years of rehearsals and sacrifices, the clown is the one who demonstrates the least.

It may seem unfair, but it’s real. It’s not necessarily the ‘best’ who triumphs.

Such is life itself, in work, in sales, and in leadership.


The clown’s skill in creating a positive atmosphere in presentations, at work, with clients and suppliers, without losing credibility, showcasing humor (even if you believe you don’t have it), and earning respect.

Conference y Workshop

Fresh & Surprising

Intervention with a unique perspective to strengthen communication skills in the professional, business, and personal spheres.

Fun & Inspiring

Humor and emotions are not taken lightly. Conducted by a professional clown serious about his craft. Touches the emotional core without falling into tragedy.

Educational & Practical

As it is a training, learning is certainly involved… seriously and playfully. Participants move, take notes, think, interact, hug… Principles are explored to bring them into the participant’s reality.

“As Chairman of the Professional Accountants in Spain, finding speakers who can both educate and amuse my group is a real challenge! It was a huge relief to see how Michaël not only did that, but sent everyone home with a smile on their face – mission accomplished, thank you, Michaël! “

Jeff Singer

Professional Accountants Association (Spain)

My name is

Michaël Gueulette alias Gromic

And I am a Clown,

…Not an Idiot

(Well, whoever claims NOT to be one is) 

Artistic name: Gromic

I sow seeds of laughter and tenderness in theater audiences and festivals throughout Europe (and beyond).

Without the need for words and without impressing anyone with exceptional skills.

This feat is possible thanks to the development of the art of making others feel good.

Not to one person, but to hundreds of people at once, regardless of their language or age.

I share the art of this ‘human connection’, invisible to the eyes of the viewer but visible to the heart, to empower professionals to be more human in their communication and thus increase their effectiveness.

All of this without falling into ridicule or seeming foolish.




The Impact of Your Humanity

Beyond Words**

The most impactful language often isn’t spoken.

It’s felt.

**For your VIP Q&A sessions after the conference or the workshop, Michaël speaks 5 languages
(Like a Belgian cow, but it gets the message across… and quite well! )


Gromic Visual Comedy

+34 625 742 539

– Español/ Castellano, English, Français, Italiano, Català –