The Power of Silence

Wordless Wisdom for the Corporate Audience

For Corporate Leadership, Sales, and Team Building
– Silence has Never Been So Loud

Michael’s 1 day training event to our Inside Sales B2B team was very useful not only to reinforce Sales Knowledge and motivation, but also to build team Spirit. I would definitely recommend this for any Sales Team.

Salvador Serra

CPM International

In a world where audiences have heard it all before, your group might just be ready for an award-winning workshop leader who won’t utter a single word.


Michaël aca Gromic has harnessed the power of silence and laughter – and has used it to connect, entertain, and inspire teams across Europe. His presentations go beyond amusement; they reveal the meaningful, subtle nuances of human interaction that are key to successful leadership, teams, and sales. 


A wildcard in a world of talking heads and Powerpoint presentations, Gromic shatters the norm and gives your attendees a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships, showing that the most impactful communication often happens in silence.

Benefits to Your Group Include:

Improving Non-Verbal Communication

Gromic’s performances demonstrate the power of body language and facial expressions, helping your attendees to improve their own communication skills and tap into the 85% of subconscious decision-making that is emotionally driven

Stronger Teams

Through laughter and shared experiences, your team will find a more powerful sense of unity and camaraderie

Emotion-Based Persuasion

Your team will realize the role of emotions in persuasion and influence, providing valuable insights for sales teams and leaders

Increased Empathy

By showcasing universal human emotions without the barrier of language, Gromic’s presentation will help to increase empathy among team members

Creativity Kick Start

Gromic’s unconventional presentations will inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking among attendees

Enhanced Cultural Awareness

Gromic’s international experience and ability to connect with each and every human being will enhance cultural awareness and inclusivity

Relieve Stress and Tension

The humor and physical antics, including graceful and respectful audience participation, provides a fun and effective way to promote better mental well-being

Boosted Morale

His presentation will uplift spirits, boost morale, and create a positive, energetic atmosphere that will carry over into the workplace – long after the conference ends

Improved Public Speaking Skills

Gromic’s emphasis on non-verbal communication will effectively model how attendees can improve their own public speaking and presentation skills through the understanding of body language, timing, and audience engagement

As Chairman of the Professional Accountants in Spain, finding speakers who can both educate and amuse my group is a real challenge! It was a huge relief to see how Michaël not only did that, but sent everyone home with a smile on their face – mission accomplished, thank you, Michaël!

Jeff Singer

Professional Accountants Association (Spain)

The Power of Silence: 


Human Connection Beyond Words

As Gromic demonstrates, the most impactful language often isn’t spoken. It’s felt.

Bring Gromic to your next important event. You’ll see that the most impactful presentation may very well be awarded to the speaker who didn’t even require a microphone.

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