Michael’s 1 day training event to our Inside Sales B2B team was very useful not only to reinforce Sales Knowledge and motivation, but also to build team Spirit. I would definitely recommend this for any Sales Team.

Salvador Serra

CPM International

Reinforce Knowledge and Refresh Spirit

…of Your Smart People

The Invisible Sale

Connect With Your Customers

85% of any decision is made subconsciously… Without emotion, there is no decision! Imagine the impact you could have on your sales if you could effectively tap into the subconscious emotions that influence 85% of all decisions.


  • Relief yourself from the stress of “selling” increasing at the same time your sales

  • Use the magic beyond words and non verbal language to get better connection

  • Make your customers feel good without the need of manipulating them.

Leader of Hearts 

Inspire and Energize Those Around You

Manage yourself under pressure and leverage your personality and skills to put people at ease in your presence.


  • Unlock the key to powerful human communication and learn how to apply it to any situation.


  • Boost your confidence in critical relationships, whether it’s sales, team leadership, or public speaking, by understanding how to favour the right reactions from your interlocutors.


  • Cultivate authentic, effective relationships without resorting to manipulation or changing who you are.

    Clown Yourself

    Elevate Your Personal Brand by Embodying Your Most Human Qualities

    Awaken Your Natural Charm and Charisma to Make People Feel Great in Your Presence.


    • Discover how to be authentic, even if you haven’t found your voice or are still figuring out who you are.
    • Get more impact when you speak, sell and lead


    • Overcome Your Insecurities and Embrace Your Unique Qualities with Grace and Courage

    Like a Duck to Water

    Feel at Ease in a Foreign Language that You Speak as Tarzan

    Don’t let the unfamiliarity of a foreign language intimidate you; approach it with the same confidence and enthusiasm as Tarzan exploring the jungle.


    • Relief from the stress of not knowing every word, grammar rule, or pronunciation in your second, third, or fourth language.


    • Feel comfortable being the outsider among native speakers.


    • Communicate beyond words, without manipulation techniques.