Michael’s 1 day training event to our Inside Sales B2B team was very useful not only to reinforce Sales Knowledge and motivation, but also to build team Spirit. I would definitely recommend this for any Sales Team.

Salvador Serra

CPM International

Reinforce Knowledge and Refresh Spirit

…of Your Smart People


The Invisible Sale

Connecting With Your Customers

85% of any decision is made subconsciously… Without emotion, there is no decision! Now, imagine the leverage you would have if you were able to tap into those of emotions when you sell. 


  • Relief yourself from the stress of “selling” increasing at the same time your sales
  • Use the magic beyond words and non verbal language to get better connection

  • Make your customers feel good without the need of manipulating them.

Leader of Hearts 

Making People Feel Great

Managing Yourself Under Pressure, Using What You Are to Make Feel People Welcome and at ease with you.


  • Learn the key that leverages any human communication and how to apply it
  •  Feel more confident in any relationship where the outcome depend of your interlocutor reaction such as sales (buyer needs to buy), team (your people need to take you in consideration) and an audience (the success of your intervention depends on the audience reaction)
  • Get more human and effective relationships without manipulation or intenting changing the people
  • Read the communicate beyond words
  • Practical principles without having to learn any new skill that you do not already have in order to create good vibes and making people feel great

Clown Yourself

Get A More Human Version of You

Awake the Human Within, become more Authentic and Make people feel better around you.


  • Become more Authentic, Without having found Your Voice and/or knowing who you are
  • Increase your “likeability” in an instant


  • Convert your weaknesses into strength, don’t feel ridiculous anymore.