Do you know that 85% of any decision is made subconsciously ?

Without emotion, there is no decision.

When we sell, we negotiate or lead a team, we tend to put our effort to find out the best argumentation to convince the others but that has an impact on a very only 15% of a decision.

Now, imagine the leverage you would have if you are able to tap into those 85% of emotions when you sell, negotiate or lead.

That’s what I do… working with hundreds of people at the same time and without any words….I am working as a clown with the name of Gromic.

In my shows in theaters and festivals mostly in Europe, I do not impress my audiences. I do not do any skill demonstration like juggling or walking on my fingers, my maximum technical level is like the one you can watch in the video.

Despite of it, audiences from young to old, get touched from smiling and laughing to sometimes even cry during my shows.

The key when you perform on stage is exactly the same as when you sell or lead: it is in how you make people feel.

People buy emotions.

Now I extracted the science behind my art and more than 10 years experience on stage in order to share it with the corporate world.

Yes you understood well. A clown is sharing his knowledge to leverage business people skills.

There is so much in common between a clown and sales person:  For example: A clown can not ask an audience to laugh, and a sales person can not ask a potential buyer to buy just like that.

If you need to leverage your skills in selling, negotiating or leadership, remember that there is a clown named Gromic to help you.